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Information Technology

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Information Technology

QST can utilize the information technology to expand its sales channel by constructing a website focusing on its customers. This website will consist of features including online shopping, tourism information, social networking, education, and community service.

For the online shopping part, it's an integration of virtual mall selling health food, supplement tablets, and medical apparatus etc. Since QST's target customers are seniors who are concerning about their health , an online store selling those products will satisfy their needs as well as saving them the effort of actually going out and shopping for these products.

For the tourism information part, it will basically give out recommendations of places that match seniors' recreation need.

For the social networking part, because seniors are a special group of people in a society without many friends and social opportunities, a social networking section on the website would allow them the chance to meet with people who are of similar ages and interests.

For the education part, QST can introduce basic methods for seniors to stay healthy, as well as introducing their products effect for retaining health. What can also be there are lessons teaching skills that might interest seniors, such as chess or calligraphy.

The reason behind this strategy is that electronic commerce so far only consists of 3% of China's total commerce . This implies a great market space for QST to tap into. And since online stores of this type in its industry are never seen, this implies a chance for QST to create a blue ocean market .


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