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Understanding Health Information Technology

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Understanding Health Information Technology


Health Information Technology refers to processing of health related information of any individual. It deals with creation, storage, retrieval and maintenance of health care information that is implemented with the use of software technologies and hardware equipment. Health Informatics is a field of study that allows Information science applied along with computer knowledge to healthcare. In this paper, I have outlined my understanding of health information technology and have discussed briefly about Consumer Health Informatics. There are certain areas in Health IT that are of prime importance to understand and develop efficient health information systems. In this paper, I have summarized about Electronic Health Record (EHR), Evidence-based medicine, Confidentiality and security of health information.

Understanding Health Information Technology

Overview of Health IT and Consumer Health Informatics

Health Information Technology refers to use of computer technology (software and hardware resources) for processing health related information of any individual. Widespread adoption of Health IT is one of the cornerstones that need to be achieved in the history of healthcare. The appropriate use of technology for improvement of individual healthcare needs is quintessential.

One of the applications of Health IT is in the field of Consumer Health Informatics (CHI). CHI refers to consumer interfaces in healthcare systems. Here, the “consumer” is considered the most important entity in a health care system. Information is supplied to consumers or patients using advanced information and communication technologies.

The most striking features of CHI are as below-

• Self-care


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