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Information Technology Acts

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Information Technology Acts

Most of the complaints that the Federal Communications Commission have been receiving about unwanted calls from telemarketers lead to the Do Not Call Implementation Act in 2003. According to the “US Definition” (2001-2012), “the United States Congress passed the Do Not Call Implementation Act in 2003 to protect consumers from unwanted phone calls from telemarketers.” This act was created to enforce some limitations on telemarketing companies on whom they can contact. They could register their phone number free of charge so that you did not receive these unwanted calls but it did not cover all calls. If you have business with this company they are still able to contact you. If you have given this company prior permission they can still contact you. Call by tax exempt, non-profit organizations can also contact you. The act was amended in 2007. Telemarketing companies are now required to transmit their caller id information and cannot block their numbers. Telemarketers would call you and there was no call back number because showing their number was not required. At least with caller id you would know when they called and decide if you wanted to answer their call or not but you would have to be subscribed to caller id with your phone company.

Another act that required advances in information technology is the Children’s Internet Protection Act in 2000. It required schools and libraries that received funding or discounts for Internet access and according to “USAC” (1997-2007 it needs to “adopt an internet safety policy incorporating the use of filtering or blocking technology on computers with Internet access.” Children were not allowed to view anything obscene, pornography, or anything harmful to minors. If they did not comply they would have to refund the funds that were given to them. For the first year, they had to prove that they were putting these actions in place


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