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Bis 220 - Children’s Information Technology Acts

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Children’s Information Technology Acts


Children’s Information Technology Acts

These essays discuss how we can protect our children on the internet. First, Children’s Information Technology Acts (COPPA), 1988 and Children’s Internet Protection Act, 2000 was established to protect children. Second, as an individual that cares about kid’s humanity is the only way to protect children. As humanity, parents, and legal guardians we have to protect ourselves.  Last, this world is in the era of technology so there forth if one is under the under the age of 13 they are a child.

Children’s Information Technology Acts (COPPA) was established in1988. COPPA is used to protect children personal information under the age of 13. Such as; name, address user name, phone number, social security number, image, voice, and any information linking the child to other sites. The purpose of this rule is to put parent in control of what information is being collected online from children. This means that the operators of mobile apps, commercial websites and any online services that collect, use, or disclose person information from children must provide and disclose this on their website. The original COPPA commission’s rules became effective April 21, 2000. An amended Rule on December 19, 2012 and will become effective on July 1, 2013. This new rule adds four new rules for personal information collected. The four new rules are geo-location information, photos or videos containing a child image or audio from a child, screen or user name, and persistent identifiers ("COPPA," 2013).

Children’s Internet Protection Act CIPA) was established by congress in 2000. This act places concerns on what a child is not accessing obscene or harmful content on the internet. If a school or the library enrolls into the E-rate program they get a discount for internet access. If the library or school is enrolled internet program they have to ensure that they have an internet safety policy that includes protection on technology measures. These measures must block or filter internet content that is access to pictures or videos that include obscene, child pornography and anything that can be harmful to minors.


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