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Supply Chain Plays a Critical Role in People and Information Technology

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The supply chain plays a critical role in people and information technology. The social and organizational structure of any company will make an impact of the growth of the IT structure. The lack of training could have a serious effect on the use of the IT software. This article went really in depth as to what processes must be followed to ensure a successful IT network. "Diffusion theory posits that it is the "perceived" attributes that affect adoption." I found this sentence to be one of the most important in the whole article. Without adoption to new technology then the company would be left in the dust. Adoption must be possible and must be granted within a company.

Innovation is the driving force for any organization, without growth and without proper adaptation then innovation would come to a halt. The ability to successfully change any grow comes not only from the company, but also from the suppliers to the company and what will be expected within the community of that business. Some of the factors present are the lag in the decision making process and the approval of all departments to accept the change. Communication channels can include face-to-face, phone calls, or even mailed presentations.

From the training section I really found "Formalism is the degree of prior planning and formal execution a communication channel is allocated. Resource-intensiveness is the degree of organizational resources (time, in-house labor, money) a communication channel receives. They found that when communication that is both formal and resource-intensive (for example,

in-house developed training programs)", also with leadership "Implementation of supply chain IT tools now affects the entire enterprise, not just inventory management or transportation units. An innovation now must diffuse across and throughout many units within a single firm. Top managers need champions at lower levels and support across


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