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Role of Information Technology in the Globalization of America

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Role of information technology in the globalization of America

  IT (Information Technology, referred to as IT), the main information used to collectively manage and process various techniques are used. Get all the information, processing and expression, the exchange of relevant technical, management, and evaluation can be called IT. It is mainly applied in computer science and communications technology to the design, development, installation and implementation of information systems and application software. It is also often referred to as information and communication technologies (Information and Communications Technology, ICT). Including sensor technology, computer technology and communication technology. Information effectively promoted the economic globalization, the development of information technology and the Internet has become the main driving force of economic globalization accelerated development. On the other hand, economic globalization, the information technology industry, environment, inevitably faced with positioning and development, promotion and use of global resources to optimize the combination of technology and talent, expand and meet the challenges of global cultures and traditions of different aspects of the global market.

  Information technology is making information widely disseminated, and the "proliferation of information technology can significantly reduce transaction costs for market exchange, thus promoting the globalization and the international division of labor" (Lal, 1998). According to the theory of comparative advantage, developed in the control information industry, new materials industry, biotechnology industry and new energy industry's core technology, but also in many ways mature transfer to developing countries and in the country has been losing its competitive edge labor-intensive industries. These transfers from developed out of the labor-intensive industries, but exactly where the comparative advantage of developing countries, for them, these industries not only not a sunset industry, but also may be a great promising emerging industries, but also will lead the country with convergence and transformation of traditional industries.

  Information industry originated in the early 20th century radio, developed in the 1950s and 1960s in the semiconductor. The United States in the late 1970s into the information industry as the leading information society. In 1992 the United States proposed the idea of ​​building the information superhighway. In the U.S. the lead, the other countries have also strengthened the development of the information industry. Information technology and services have now occupy an important market share in developed countries, the Internet has covered most countries and regions, widely used computer network has been making world trade, financial markets network, greatly accelerated the transmission of information and economic running speed of trade, effectively promoted the process of economic globalization.


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