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The Preferences of Social Network

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1. Introduction

Social Website such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter offer a variety of features to facilitate socialization on the internet. Users share public musings, private messages, photos, songs, videos and most other standard forms of expression. These social websites are amongst the most visited sites on the internet and have grown exponentially within the last few years. The number of social website has also grown exponentially, offering different focuses, designs and features for their users. These social website want you to join their community and experience their vision of the social web. The relationship between features and preferences need to be further more study to achieve the profit especially in Social Website.

1.1 Problem Statement

From Facebook to MySpace to emergent sites like Twitter, social websites are increasing exponentially in user numbers and unique visits every day. On the contrary, Researcher needs to know about sociability on the social web and details how different social websites encourage and attract their users to use their websites.

1.2 Research Questions

• How the social website encourage users to use their website?

• Why the features in social website can lead the choosing of the social websites?

• What features or design practices enable users to choose social website.

1.3 Research Objectives

This research will help to investigate what features on social networking systems that influence users to choose social web. The objective of this research is to study the preferences on the social website among users. It is also to understand the purpose of the users using that social websites.

• To investigate how social websites attract users by their features.

• To study the relationship between features and preferences on social websites.

• To understand what type of features that most users preferred.

1.4 Significant of the study

The significant of this study is to understanding the features on the social networking system that may lead the satisfaction on that social networking system. It is also to give information about the sociability on the social networking system among the users. From this research, users will able to socialize with each other by features in social networking system.

1.5 Definition of terms


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