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Chapter 11: Social Networks, Auctions, and Portals

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Case Chapter Reference: Chapter 11: Social Networks, Auctions, and Portals

Instructions/Tasks for all Cases: Read and understand the case. Read the specific chapter referenced above as Case Chapter Reference. Visit the Case-specific web-site(s) to learn more about the company. Additionally substantiate your knowledge with more on-line research (use independent sites that are reporting on the company: an independent site would be one that is not owned and operated by an entity with a vested interest in the company you are researching) All groups must read the E-Commerce in Action case study on on pages 588-596 (Chapter 9). The sections presented in this case study serve as a guideline and must be included in your case study report and presentation with content relevant to your specific case.

Report on the following:

A brief history of the company Vision, Mission, and Goals of the company

o What is this company’s mission and is it fulfilling its mission?

o Current status of the company and what does this company do currently? Strengths and weaknesses of the company Company’s e-commerce business model(s) Company’s Financial Analysis with special emphasis on the Revenue Model(s) Company’s e-commerce strategy Competition Technology Social and Legal Challenges if any Is this company using Social Network Marketing?

Visit and analyze the Company-specific web-site(s) with respect to E-Commerce issues:

o What are the strengths and weaknesses of their web-site (web-pages)?

o Visit the company homepage and view the source code to answer the following questions:

 What is the official title of the homepage?

 What scripting


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