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Crjs 300 Unit 2 Individual Project - Combining Police Agencies to Prevent Future Terroist Attacks

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American Intercontinental University

Nakia K. Smith

CRJS 300

August 6, 2012

Since the horrible terrorist attack on the United States that occurred on the date of September 11, 2001 our country have been trying to find better ways to prevent future terrorist attacks. I do not believe that there is really a true effective way to know when, where and how a terrorist attack can be recognized and it is not factual if there is a single step or a series of steps to defeat terrorists. The collaboration of all police agencies are in question if terrorists attacks can be stopped as a whole (NCTAUUS, 2004).

All police agencies taking the initiative to cooperate and collaborate to partner up against terrorism in the United States would be a great idea and it also can be a downfall in the country. Territorial methods and self containment must show that there are strategic relationships and the development of an international consciousness that remains anchored in local communities. If all local law enforcement agencies in the United States worked together in the prevention of an attack that take place anywhere in the United States, it could be a great effect on stopping the attack taking place as a whole. There would be a huge support system throughout our country that could possibly end threats. The strengths of U.S. police agencies coming together for such a cause can form the powers of search, seizure of evidence, and arrest as well as build a community policing infrastructure. The combination of police agencies can also improve growth in the ability to manage, share, and analyze information and it can gain the ability to identify and interpret suspect’s behaviors as well as establish relationships that can carry an investigation from inception to completion (Michael P. D. 2009). This can also be a negative move because if the regular crimes within the United States would be overlooked because of the concentration on terrorism, could you imagine the how high the crime rates would become within our country?

If the police was to be consolidated, the criminal justice system would not have to be, because of the different ranks and categories that are within the criminal justice system, such as attorneys, judges, forensics examiners and more. Consolidating the police, may make it possible to be a bit easier when it comes to performing services more strategically, efficiently, and effectively and it will also increase accountability and responsiveness, but It won’t be easy to consolidate the criminal justice system because of the complex political, legal, and financial issues that affect a number of constituencies. It


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