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Advertising and Promotion

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"Pursuit the perfection, build the creditability" is the corporate spirit of Sinomax group. Adhering to this princple Sinomax put a lot of efforts in producing high-quality household products including pillow, mattress, topper and others.

The new product designed by sinomax is an all weather wave mattress which is specially for baby. The features of the mattress is innovative air chamber design gives a pleasant airy and dry sleeping condition, especially good to use in summer and double-faced design pillow surface for all season use.

Opportunity Analysis

As babies spent 2/3 time on the bed every day, the quality of mattress will directly affect their brain, physiological and psychological development. According to the research, nearly 70% parents think their babies' sleeping quality is bad and want to improve it. Sinomax's new product will definitely bring high grade of sleeping quality to babies. Also when their babies sleep well, the sleeping quality of the parents would increase too.

Target Market Analysis

The target market is baby's parents. All weather wave mattress is an innovative product. The design of double-faced and air chamber can support every part of baby's body evenly. Also it can give the babies have a comfy and stable environment to sleep in all seasons. As parents would concern the physical health of their babies, they are less price sensitive. They would wantsto give the best condition for their baby to grow up.

Customers Analysis

The current customers are mainly people who believe high technology could maintain their sleeping quality. Also people who have physical problems such as back pain and insomnia. They believe the innovative products of Sinomax could help them the ease the problems since the brand emphasis in the expertise of doctoral consultation, especially chiropractic doctors.

Competitiors Analysis

There are many similar competitors of the mattress sush as Sea Horse, and A-Fontane in Hong Kong. They sell mattress with similar attributes such as high technology of memory foam to spread the body weight evenly on the mattress. And Sea Horse claims itself as one of the best selling brand in Hong Kong. On the other hand, A-Fontane focus its business on other bedding accessories like pillow or bed sheet. Both of them have a famous TV show actress as the spokesperson who are Liza Wang and Charmaine Sheh. They are quite powerful over the female audiences. But both of the brands have not develop a baby bedding product line yet. Which would be a huge opportunity for Sinomax could claims its superiority in this segment and generate a bigger market share.

Media Strategies

In the media strategies, 4 media channels were selected to


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