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Rmb Assignment - Sales Promotions

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Ⅲ research objectives

1. To identify weather sales promotions have positive effects to build brand equity.

2. To compare the monetary and non-monetary promotions which own higher effectiveness for building brand equity.

3. Comparing utilitarian product and hedonic product to examine which influence the monetary promotion most for the brand equity recognition.

Ⅳ research questions

1. As another tool of the promotion mix, do sales promotions have potential to build brand equity?

2. What type of sales promotion, monetary or non-monetary, is more effective for building brand equity?

3. How does the type of product affect the effectiveness of monetary and non-monetary promotions for building brand equity?

Ⅴ research hypotheses

1. There exists a mass of positive effects which sales promotions post on building brand equity.

2. Non-monetary promotions have more positive effects on brand knowledge than monetary promotions

3. Monetary promotions are better for utilitarian product than for hedonic product in affecting brand knowledge

Ⅵ method

1. Conduct a review of the literatures on sales promotion on brand knowledge perception of customers and find out the positive effects on brand equity.

2. Carry out a primary research in comparing the monetary and non-monetary valuing the brand equity in a figure consequence of the different formats of KINDER chocolate promotion.

To test the hypotheses we used a 3 (between subjects)


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