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Sales & Promotion Management

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A trading company as an intermediary form of cooperation with the suppliers and buyers, major daily duties are:

1. Help buyer to find stable and reliable suppliers, provide buyers with high quality apparel products

2. As an intermediary to communicate with suppliers and buyers

3. Forecast problems (e.g. product quality and delivery) and help buyer to resolve it

4. Outstanding employees, teamwork, management professional and a wealth of market experience to provide buyer with quality products and good business experience

The trading firm's income come from commission. Therefore, they need to build up good relationship between buyers to supplier market to achieve their goals.


Sales manager and sales representative were in the conference room and held a meeting to discuss current issues and business target in this financial year.

1/ Confidentiality agreement

Recently, the company's turnover has been dropping down. Number of customers and staff has been lost, the boss asked the sales manager to explain the incident and provide the solutions.

Manager said: The purpose of this meeting is the company recently found that the loss of some buyers, resulting in sales volume declines in recent months. Position of the company understand that the market is very competitive, the competitors join and lead buyer through natural loss is understandable but this does not seem to be natural... but man-made.

Sales representative answered honestly: a hot topic among colleagues also discussed the colleagues Peter who have left is invited to join our competitor's offered job, the condition is disclosure of our buyers and supplier's information and price to them.

Manager replied: this news has spread in the sales department, they estimated that he disclosed our confidential data, including buyers, suppliers, price and margin etc. sensitive information to our competitors. Generally, he took the initiative in his own name to contact our buyer and introduce he has worked in other companies. Then try to invite them to their business so quote a lower price to attract buyers. To expand the customer base, Peter try to contact our colleagues and invite them to join his company by high salary and benefit e.g. high commission and position promotion. Therefore, recently the loss rate has been increasing, leading shortage of manpower. Also, we worried about the colleague to disclose buyers & supplier's information, price, mark-up margin/data and profit to our competitors, resulting in lost buyers and suffer the economic losses.

At the same time, the trust between the employer and the employee


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