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Chapter 2 Making Sales Management Decisions

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Sales Management Chapter 2 Making Sales Management Decisions

                                                                        Case 2.1

#1. How likely is it that Jon Menzes will be successful in the short-term with this strategy? Why or why not?

A: In short-term Jon will be successful doing business with Baker Brothers with this strategy, however in long-term situation, ProFood will have more trouble time doing business with Swanson’s. Because Jon forcedly took the business of Swanson’s business with tight sleep inn. In the future, Swanson will turn their back away from ProFood.

#2. What are the longer-run implications of this strategy for Jon Menzes and ProFood?

A: In a longer-run, for the Jon, he must keep up with Swanson’s. For now, he just leaves what sleep tight inn and Swanson’s are up to and perhaps take chance for the next year. Building a strong trust with Swanson is first thing he should concentrate on.

#3. If you were Emily Lewis, what advice would you give Jon?

A: If I were Emily Lewis, I would give Jon an advice that back down a little notch. That I know this business straight relates to Jon’s promotion, however Swanson’s are a company in a relationship with ProFood and if Jon keeps on pushing his plan with sleep tight inn, then in a longer-term ProFood may find hard time due to bad relationship with Swanson’s. So tell Jon to think again and see the future situation.

Case 2.2

#1. What additional information does Elizabeth Manning need before she can attempt to make the sale to Smart Office?

A: Firstly, Manning has to explain how Smart Office can gain market share as well as control the cost of the collaboration to maximize sales and profit. She needs to explain about amount of handheld devices or computers per associate based on numbers of customers. Also, Manning needs to make sure the security of the software so it will only be accessible by the Smart Office.


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