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Managers Without Enough Qualifications and Their Effect on Decision Making Process in Airline Mro Service Organizations

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Managers without enough qualifications and their effect on decision making process in airline MRO service organizations

Viviana A. Martin

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


The trend of selecting or promoting managers that do not have direct experience in the areas they manage in technical positions appears to be taking place in many companies today including airline MRO services organizations. In order to be successful in a competitive marketplace, management must make effective decisions to maximize the output of their organization, minimize waste and mistakes, and keep morale up. As such, it is imperative to understand which ‘type’ of manager should be placed in each management role; an effective leader that may not have intimate knowledge of the area they manage, or a manager that fully understands the inner workings of the organization that may not be  as effective of a leader. This paper seeks to examine management qualifications and their effect in the decision making process and how that impacts organizations. This paper also reviews both decision making in airline services organizations and management types to provide an understanding of the decision making process and factors that can affect that process in airline MRO services organizations.

Keywords: organizational behavior, decision making, technical management, general management.

Managers without enough qualifications and their effect on decision making process in airline MRO services organizations


Nooraie (2012) in his paper states that the decision making process is one of the most important functions in any kind of organization. Thus this paper began with a discussion of how the decision making process in technical organizations like airline MRO services has been affected by the lack of experience in managers.

Numerous studies have been conducted on the decision making process, types of management and how depending on the organization and its particular environment these two factors correlate. One of the reasons airplane maintenance organizations struggle in their decision making processes is because these types of businesses have layers and layers of hierarchy where decisions are made in different levels of management. Upper management needs general management skills and generally can manage just about anything while middle layers need managers with technical skills to manage a technical environment. Consequently for middle layers, organizations fight to promote the best person but loose out to the production line, promote one of the less effective employees so the production line doesn’t suffer or bring an external manager and teach the technical skills needed to manage.  


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