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Decision Making Process Paper

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Reasoning Aptitude

What do your results tell you about your individual thinking style or your thinking process range?

The results about the individual thinking style or the thinking process range states that I could work well in careers where success comes from applying practical skills and where thinking is used mostly to solve practical problems. The results also show that I am likely to be attracted to very practical jobs and careers. My strengths are following directions, strategizing, organizing, delivering results, applying expertise, and logical thinking.

How might your thinking style influence your approach to arguments?

My thinking style influence my approach to arguments by appropriately following instructions from others without unnecessary challenging authority, work strategically to realize organizational goals, set clearly defined objectives, focus on customer needs and satisfactions, set high standards for quality and quantity, apply specialists and detailed expertise, and analyze data and all other sources of information

How might persuasive communication help you in your career?

Persuasive speaking is a skill that allows a person to change another individual's behavior and thoughts. The ability of a person to modify another individual's beliefs by easy communication is focused on by persuasive speaking. Persuasive communication will help me in my career whether if it’s through a personal letter of complaint or as a broad message to sell a product or service, Developing an outline or plan is important to achieve success in persuasive communication. Persuasion influences any individual’s way of acting, thinking, and feeling. Leaders should always communicate in a way that portrays them as being articulate and self-confident.


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