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How These Policies Effect the Decision Making Process

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In the decision making process there are a few issues that has to be taken into account when deciding on these policies. Depending on what the policy is determines the effect the policy has on the decision making process. The first step is to analyze the problem, which in these cases should law enforcement be able to make off duty arrest, and if so should they be able to do it for whatever reason at any time, or should the courts be able to get public access to judicial records? These questions help to form and shape the first steps in putting the policy together. The next step is setting the goals and objectives for these policies. What limitations should be set on off duty cops and public access to judicial records? Should off duty cops have to show identification before being involved in a situation that require the attention of the police and should there be a formal request for records before allowing the courts to obtain them. These questions help decide what these policies are to enforce. Developing an action or plan is what comes next along with developing a plan for monitoring the program. When the policy is formed it has to be monitored to ensure that the policy is being enforced. This is why the policy is put in place with various degrees of what and how the policy is to be enforced. So the last and final step in the decision making process is initiating the policy or program. Putting the policy out there so everyone get the word is the hardest part. It takes time for a policy to sink into a person’s mind especially the very ones that the policy was created for.

Textbooks used in this course

EBOOK COLLECTION: Marion, N.E. and Oliver, W/M. 2006. The Public Policy of Crime and Criminal Justice. Pearson/Prentice Hall Upper Saddle River, NJ.


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