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Purchase Decision Making Process

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Purchase decision making process

In marketing, it is very important for the salespeople to be able to identify the different buying behavior of the consumers. Majority of the marketers believe that following the customer rules is their primary responsibility in the business organization; in order to gain an intimate knowledge of their customers: what are their needs, what satisfies them and makes them happy; as well as what benefits they are seeking in the marketplace. Based on this research, consumer behavior includes the impact of all the things in the market place; from music to lighting on how people behave and how they consume the products. This consumer behavior is not new for the marketers, since business is a consumption-driven culture. In this connection, it is very crucial to identify the following important factors on the part of the consumers before arriving into consumer final decision making. First, the marketer must learn to recognize the problem of the customer. This first stage, the customer identifies an unsatisfied need in him. The customer is finding solution to his or her existing problem. And, this must be recognized by the salesperson. For instance the customer has a current mechanical problem on his car for the last two months already. And, one of the important factors that the salesperson must be addressed is to solve the customer’s present mechanical problem in order to lead the customer to buy the product. If buying the product will help the customer to ease his or her present problem, naturally, he or she will be determined to get the product immediately. The second stage that the consumer goes through before arriving to final decision is customers collect first, the information about the product and available brands through personal sources, commercial sources, public sources or experiential sources. This information search both internal and external is also essential for the customer to have various options before making a final decision on what brand must be bought, what best option or alternative is suited that may remedy to his or her present situation or problem. Then, the customer also seeks advice from friends, members of the family, as well as reads newspapers, watches TV and does internet research for further gathering of vital information before arriving into buying the product. In the third stage, the customers evaluate all the alternatives


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