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Advertising by Cafe Chokolade in Radio Mirchi

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Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM is one of the most prominent radio channels in India. The Pune station of Radio Mirchi follows vernacular-based announcements and tunings in Marathi, Hindi and English being the languages to be broadcasted in.

Cad B changed to ‘Café Chokolade’ was the buzz spread around. Cad B decided to renovate its brand image as ‘Café Chokolade,’ meaning chocolate in German. Cad B has undoubtedly become one of the most favorite places to ‘spend time’ which is usually in the evening or mostly during the night. The ‘fast moving consumer good’ advertises is the main reason for these time slots to be such a hit.

We all know by facts that about 90 percent of students residing in Pune, have been coming in from various parts of India is one factor that most of the students carry a standard mobile set which carry’s the Radio. The cost effectives of the medium in comparison to audio visual ones makes it popular and in the marketing sense, reliable and strong too market the products which is particularly aimed at the student population.

The ad’s turn in for a strategic placement derived from compared study analysis of listenership in variance to time on the radio. Hence, it is aptly suitable for products like Cad-B generally known as fast moving consumer goods or better known as FMCG’s.

A couple of other private firms have been heard of advertising FMCG’s. Popular ones being Radio City and My FM. These channels do a great job in promoting products and reaching out to the mass. Increasing sales and popularity.


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