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A Review of Research Between the Relationship of Underage Exposure to Alcohol Advertising and the Consumption of Alcohol

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This study employed secondary research; using periodical databases and the open web to gather information. General sources used were ABI Inform, LexisNexis, OneFile, EBSCO, and Google Scholar. A variety of keywords and time periods were used to find valid information about the topic. When a general source stopped producing valid information keywords were either adjusted or a new general source was taken advantage of. See chart on next page for search methods.

Search Methods

General Source Specific Source(s) Keywords Time Period Comments/ Results

ABI Inform American Public Health Association;

PR Newswire; The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth; Multinational Monitor; Journal of Public Affairs;

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Alcohol Advertising + Minors; Minors+ Advertising; Minors + Advertising+ Impact 2000-2010 Three public Health Articles; Pubic Affairs Periodical; Several News Articles (see appendix)

LexisNexis Biotech Business week; Center for Science in the Public Interest Alcohol Advertising+

Youth; Alcohol Advertising+ Youth+ Consumption; Youth+

Consumption+ Advertising 2005-2010; 1995-2010 Scientific Findings; Economic Article

OneFile Contemporary Drug Problems Alcohol Advertising+ Minors Consumption; Alcohol Advertising; Alcohol Advertising+ Youth All; 2000-2010 No results; (none that apply); Article See appendix

EBSCO Contemporary Economic Policy; International Journal of Advertising Alcohol Advertising+ Youth; Alcohol Advertising+ Youth+ Consumption 2000-2010 Two Magazines for Trade.

Google Web Search; Scholar AAFP; Department of Health and Human Services; Journal of Health Policy Alcohol Advertising + Youth; Alcohol Advertising Youth a Measured Approach 2000-2010 One Position Paper; National Case Study (see appendix); Several scholarly articles


Underage Consumption

Alcohol is the main drug problem among young people. More young people drink alcohol than smoke cigarettes or use illegal drugs. The U.S. Surgeon General estimates that approximately 5,000 people under age die from alcohol-related injuries involving underage drinking each year. (Youth Exposure… Anon.1) Many long-term health behaviors are shaped during adolescence. The highest frequency of alcohol dependence in the United States is among young adults; due to the fact that they began drinking during their early adolescent years. Despite federal, state, and local interventions, underage drinking continues to


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