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The Technology Impact on Human Beings

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In the article " Are Computer, Video and Arcade Games Affecting Children's Behaviour?" (Rosen 2001), the author explains the relationship between violent behaviour in children and playing computer games. Firstly, the research thought that many young people now spend much longer playing computer games than the research in the past, especially boys. Secondly, according to research by Rosen and Weil (2001), computer games played by young people often include irrelevant content so that they can significantly harm children's thoughts and attitudes. However, parents who would like to control what their children watch and play can barely do so as it is difficult for them to be totally aware of their children's games' content. The writer also indicates that playing computer games, specifically those games which contain violence, can lead to disadvantages for children such as anti-social or argumentative attitudes especially in the long term. Finally, the author discusses three factors to reduce negative impacts of violent computer games on children. The first one depends on children's personal characters. Playing violent games for a long period will make an anti-social child more aggressive. Next, children who have supportive care from their environments might adopt less harmful effects than those who do not. The last factor is parents' control in their children's games.

Comparing Three Adelaide Hostels

Adelaide is one of the most popular destinations for many tourists who enjoy travelling around Australia. Therefore, looking for a suitable hostel is important for visitors. Three hostels in Adelaide, Australia are examined, namely the hostel of Glenelg Beach Hostel (GBH), Adelaide Travellers Inn Backpackers Hostel (TBH) and Adelaide's Shakespeare International Backpackers H (SBH). They are compared and contrasted with respect to their location, prices and facilities.


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