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Technology Impact Paper

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Technology Impact Paper

When you look around today technology has changed several characteristic of life during the past decade. It sometimes can be hard to imagine that people live in a time that has been so dramatically transformed by technology. We are reminded of the technological advances in every task completed at work to entertainment options in viewing movies. Technology can show the many scientific improvements in our daily lives. It is virtually impossible to complete a task without technology. Because of this, it has become an essential part of life.

For any business, technology impacts internal and external users. Companies should view any new technology they want to implement from all aspects. The company should conduct research to ensure any changes will be beneficial for their customers and other users. A company should be aware of their customer's need when deciding to update their technology. Awareness will help the IT team to develop better ideas for improvements.

A business should introduce a new product to customers using technology. Technology gives individuals the ability to gain experience or knowledge from an unlimited amount of resources that are available. Thanks to the internet, companies are able to reach people all over the globe. With several different outlets to reach people, companies can deliver their product via as e-mail channels, advertising on a website, or social networking sites. A large audience of people means the product advertised is likely to be purchased via the same technology found. This is a method in which technology has and will continue to be part of their lives.

Other instances of how companies launched products can be seen in our daily routines. We are sometimes unsuspectingly introduced to hundreds of items watching television. When surfing the internet, unnecessary downloads from advertisers pop up while you are connecting with friends and relatives. The ease and speed of technology gives company the instant access to share documents. Technology is constantly changing the way we live our lives.

We live in an era which is totally based on technology. People are using internet based cell phones which has internet connection and audio/video capturing and playing systems installed. Now these days, people look for devices that have more features packed into a specific kind of technological functions. Everyone depends on some type of technological assistance for some reason. Because devices of today have pre-installed applications with multiple purposes, they allow users to use the internet while playing video games. Children of today's generation will have difficulty if they had to go a day without technologies. Anyone can see how technology is playing a central role of our daily lives.

There are proven ways a business can add value from the use of new technology. A business should


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