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Personnel in Technology Paper - the Hiring Process

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Many companies today require a technology support team to resolve internal and external issues quickly and effectively. Technology support is a critical aspect in relation to how a company functions. Several factors go into creating an efficient support team. These teams take on the brunt of the issues which occur at many organizations daily. This study explores multiple issues a company must endure when creating an effective technology support team.

Personnel in Technology Paper

In the last century technology have come a long and continues to grow. Many companies today are not hiring new employees unless they are adaptable to several positions. With the worst downturn in the economy since the Great Depression, many employers are eliminating employees at a rapid pace. Organizations with the remaining employees are not only expected to know the current position proficiently but they are also being obligated to learn their dismissed coworker’s positions as well. The purpose of this paper will be to examine how these new issues have been introduced to the job market and what steps are being taken to create an effective technology support team.

The Hiring Process

Starting from the grown up a company has to create an effective technology support team. A plan needs to be set in motion. Applicants are hired by the appropriate job titles. Being multi task is one of the potential requirements in order to resolve technical issues and communicate efficiently with non technical and technical staff. Hiring the wrong candidate for a job can be a costly mistake. “If a mistake is made and the problem is recognized and rectified within 6 months, the average cost of replacing that employee is two and one-half the persons annual salary”(Mornell, 2003, p. 5). If you put this into fiscal terms, an employee making $50,000 per year will cost the company $125,000. This is a mistake that could be very costly. The goal for these companies is to maximize their use of a potential job applicant. By saving the company money the company might hire one technical person who can carry the workload of three and this will decrease the bottom line. More profits will mean happier shareholders.


What makes a good team? The next step to plan is implementing. Applicants must be trained and hired. Different roles for technical personnel need to be trained. An employee of a technology support team needs to know that besides providing technical assistance, they could also be taking on the role of a teacher, manager or sales representative. . Management must focus on new technology as well and how they intend to keep their technical staff up to date on the latest processes and business strategies.


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