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Social Change: A Study of the Impact of Technology on Telework

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While there has always been people who work out of their homes, whether for themselves or as contractors, Technology is changing the face of corporate employment. Technology is the pivotal building block that is returning workers to their homes and their families. Without the advances in technology the world has seen in the last decade, telework would still be a little used avenue.

How has technology impacted the telework field? For several years now the advancements made in the computing and network fields have given greater freedom to employees who work with computer/database systems within their field. What types of networking equipment make it both possible and affordable to work in a remote location? What impact has streaming video, teleconferencing capabilities, and VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)? What type of IT support is needed for a smooth telework working environment? These are all questions that can be looked at a little closer.

Social Change: A Study of the Impact of Technology on Telework

During the course of the history of the world, much advancement have been made, used and discarded. We have had the industrial revolution in our not so distant past, and now we are in the throes of an electronic revolution that is moving so fast that equipment becomes obsolete before it even hits the store shelves. Much advancement have been made in so many different areas, but maybe the most significant advancements that affect the modern world is the advancements made to computers, networks and networking equipment. These advancements and equipment allow people of today instant access to information and people. Company databases and intranets can be accessed from anywhere in the world, through secure networks, leaving the employees free to enjoy the world of telework, or telecommuting. Without the advancements in today’s networks and technology, the growing field of telework would not be possible. There are many different aspects of networks today and many different pieces of equipment that make these networks run smoothly. The impact of these resources can be seen all around us with smart phones, tablet PC’s, and PDA’s. By looking at all the different areas of how technology plays an important role in telework, we can get a view of the bigger picture.

A big question in many people’s minds is: why is telework so popular? Other than the obvious answer that employees can work from home in their pajama’s, drink coffee, and eat donuts, there is a real, solid monetary based reason for both corporations and employees to favor telework. Not only do employees enjoy the perks of being comfortable in their own homes while they work, they are saving real money on clothes, gas, lunches, and in some cases, daycare


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