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Nonviolent Social Change

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"Who was the greatest person in India"? Most Indian people will tell you a special name: Mohands Gandhi. As well know, the society has changed a lot with the world development. Nonviolence is a basic change in the world. Mohandas Gandhi is a representative person in India. He had changed many things and strove for Indian independence from British oppression with a nonviolent way. He made Indian people brave and free forever. He led the nonviolent social movement in India, and made the salt movemen.

If you want to know the history about India, the Indian people will be pleased to tell you of the biggest revelation in India. It was called "liberation without war". It was about the Indian nationalist movement against British rule. Gandhi was the leader of this movement and was called by people "Father of the Nation". Gandhi gave people strong kind impression that with his shaved head, swarthy skin and humane face. No matter where he went, he would give rise to waves of cheers of excitement and there would be a voluntary group of believers following him, (sourcework: Primates-Anatural Heritage of Conflict Resolution),because he was the leader of the Indian independence movement. He has a lot of fans.

Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869 in Porbandar in Guharat. He has a middle name was Karamchand. At that time, life in Indian was a miserable experience. Therefore, his family gave him a chance to get his higher education in the UK. When he was in UK, he remembered the teaching from his mom, no meat and no drink,

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became a vegetarian. This may be the first step that Gandhi would sustain the

nonviolence. At that time, Indians lived in humiliation as a British colony. Gandhi

understood this reality from study in UK. So he began to engage in the struggle against racial discrimination. After graduation from university, he became a lawyer in Bombay. Because of great wisdom and strong courage, Gandhi not only became a good lawyer, but also became the Indian leader of the national independence movement after he back to India.

As all Indian people know that Gandhi was a Hindu. Buddhism and Hinduism had the very broad and deep impacts for Indian because those are the long-standing religious traditions. Although these two religious doctrines were complicated, they had the same purpose: they were opposed to any violence and make the world peaceful. So after Gandhi came back to India, he created a unique way to national independence and liberation if India which called "Nonviolent Noncooperation Movement." As we all know, India was the colony by British. So there were many specific details were in this movement, such as didn't buy British goods, didn't not wear British style clothes, didn't buy the UK government bonds, didn't


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