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Thinking Personally About Social Change

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"Thinking Personally about Social Change"

1. Yes, yes - Leaders must know how to manage change in the workplace. It is imperative to change the mindset of people in the workplace. In this particular scenario, it was imperative to get the people to buy into the change and be on board to continue to work regardless of the situation and how bleak the situation may have appeared. In spite of the circumstances around them their attitudes and mindset had to be changed in order to serve others. It was important to build a sense of urgency for the workers and get them motivated as well as to understand that their roles are important because there were people depending on them. Change may bring about challenges and the shift in the economy was a significant change and impacted people of all walks of life and organizations. The large support that the business was accustom to receiving, was not anymore, therefore it was mindset change was needed that even if assistance cannot provided to large masses of people as in the past, it would benefit some which is better than not helping anyone at all. Change is often necessary but can be frightening for your employees. Common reactions to change include anger, denial, opposition and depression. As a manager, you must illustrate to your employees the benefits of change so that they, hopefully, develop an excited and positive attitude. Point out how change brings with it new ideas and opportunities as well as the chance to shine as an important part of the company (Mooney, 2012).

2. The decline in the economy impacted people's charitable donations due to their loss of jobs or decrease in pay. Communication is the key to understanding cause and effect of dramatic changes. An explanation was provided so that that people would have a clear and open mind concerning the crisis we were facing. No one benefited from this change instead it would affect those we could no longer help. A lack of understanding can create negativity in the workplace which happened here. Because of the lack of understanding, misconceptions came about some thought that sponsors could do more not thinking about the effect the economy had on them also. Communicate the reasons for the changes in such a way that people understand the context, the purpose, and the need (Heathfield, 2012a). Unfortunately they were not looking at the big picture that the drop in the community and the loss of jobs was as great as it was. No not after there was a greater understanding of the overall effect it has had on society as a whole. Effective communication brought


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