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The Need of a Social Change

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1. Community Need

Every community is unique and requires different needs. In this particular community it is the need of a social change. Over the past five years there have been increasing reports in the City of Portland of domestic spouse and youth violence. As well as assaults and incidents of road rage. The purpose of PEACE Domestic Violence Agency is to create an environment and community that makes families feel protected, and have support for individuals and families that have suffered from domestic violence. Shockingly, there are many who are not educated on domestic violence, which results in them being accepting in that way of life. The damage that is formed from these events is unhealthy, affecting our community, damaging the minds of the children in the community, and is unidentifiable in some. Many need help, want to escape, or are even too scared to escape. Spouses, both men and women, and young children are both vulnerable to domestic violence. It does not matter the gender of one, because anyone can be a victim of domestic violence. Some are not knowledgeable about their resources, nor are they aware of their options to escape an abusive environment.

2. Activity or service to be implemented

Five community volunteer educators, professionally trained to educate on domestic violence, will be selected to teach classes about awareness of their resources and options. The classes will be held twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for three hours and thirty minutes for each individual or family in order to reduce reoccurrence of domestic violence. The first hour and forty-five minutes will consist of teachings from the educator, and the last hour and forty-five minutes will be open for one-on-one time with the volunteer educator as well as class discussion amongst the victims. Each educator will be able to accommodate twenty-five individuals at our PEACE Domestic Violence facility.

3. Desired Result

One of the desired results is the survivors’ safety. The safety of the survivors that come to us is the utmost important, because we want them to feel secure and having the feeling that they do not have to return. The second desired result is that our clients have increased their knowledge about domestic violence. The more that people know about domestic violence the better chance they are aware and they know how to handle themselves if put in that situation again. Also being knowledgeable about what causes people to act in rage can help the victim understand the state of mind of the abuser. The third desired result is that our clients have increased their awareness of resources and options, because many victims may not be aware that there are resources that they can turn to. Lastly, reduce incidents of abuse for people in the community of Portland.

4. Indicators (elements to be


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