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Technology and Social Change

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Amanda B.


October 20, 2016

Dr. Christa Raines

This essay is about Technology and Social Change. These two things are a huge impact in our world today. Technology is a body of knowledge devoted to creating tools. We use technology to complete different tasks in our daily lives. Social change refers to any major change over time in behavior patterns and cultural values and norms. You can clearly see that technology and social change are very similar. No matter what you are doing in your daily lives, it has been impacted by technology some way and have socially changed how we get things done in our everyday life. For example, who needs a map now days? Everyone can easily use a GPS available in your car or even easier on your phone. Another example would be checking out at the store. Now days you can go through a self-checkout lane because of advance technology. I could go on and on about how technology makes everyone’s lives so much easier on a daily basis.

Computers, cell phones, and the Internet have changed our lives drastically and is a part of everyone’s life one way or another. Communication is done so much faster in this generation. Who mails letters when you can just instantly send an email over the internet? Who goes to the pay phones or has a house phone, when mostly everyone has their own portable cell phones with them 24/7. Communication across the world can be done so easy and in a matter of seconds whether you have a cell phone, computer, or tablet. Cellphones also make a huge impact when you think about social change. I panic when I leave my cell phone at home. I feel lost and do not know what to do with myself. Having a cell phone doesn't only mean that I can use it for just calling or just texting. You literally can do anything and everything from the palm of your hand. I can call, text, browse the internet, use my GPS, make a grocery list in my notes. I can also go on social media, play games if I’m bored, receive and send out emails. My list can go on and on. The internet can give us so much information in a matter of seconds. You can literally search anything you would like from articles, news, pictures and/or even videos. The internet has provided many different changes within our lives.

There are three major sociological perspectives. They are Equilibrium Model, Digital Divide, and Culture Lag. Equilibrium model is the ability to study changes that are happening within our society or social systems. They also provide adjustments that need to be made within our societies to keep up with all the different changes that is happening in this world. The equilibrium model provides a method of collecting data on the different changes that happens over time. It will provide a balanced structure to the world and


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