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Social Change and Modernization

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Social change, this words alone a huge impact in the world today and they have been from the beginning of time. Many people say that they do not like change but it happens every day. Social change happens when people see the hope for something new and better. This can be both positive and negative due to the outcome of the change. This has gone on for years, example is when they made cars, this made things easier but they did not know that so many people would lose their life to this in this case it is a positive and a negative. This happens based upon people’s thoughts and attitudes upon different things. People make choices based upon views this could include different roles that people think that woman should have and what rights different races have for work and other areas. There are many different movement that have happened here in America there is the American Indian Movement act where the Indians got tired of being miss treated and living in poverty, there is the Woman’s Suffrage Movement that allowed woman to vote and not bow down to men, Labor Movement that made employs have more rights and be treated better, and another one is Black Power Movement this allowed African Americans to have rights.

Modernization is when people continue to build and improve things. A good example is computers. Now days there are many business that use computers to become modern and up to date with society. There are many good and bad aspects to becoming modern with today’s technology, and these days modernization as all about technology. Modernization always keeps moving forward and eliminating the old to bring in the new. Modernization today is technology including computers, cell phones and other electronics that many people feel lost without. They have new ways to use energy and to reuse things more effectively as well. Another way of modernization is the size of supermarkets; there are more shoppers than there are hunters. For children we buy diapers instead


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