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Social Change Because of Technology

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My grandfather told me, “When I was young, my friends and I played games such as soccer and hide and go seek. We made up new games and invented toys with whatever we could find. Nowadays, everything that people do is with technology whether it’s for work or entertainment.” I am here to talk to you about technology and how it has made a positive and negative effect on our society. After interviewing people from different age groups, I found out how technology has evolved, how it has affected individuals and the consequences that it can cause.

Centuries ago, people didn’t have the ability to use technology the way we do now. People listened to music on record players and used typewriters instead of computers. Additionally, they had to go to the library to use encyclopedias and dictionaries to complete their homework. Years later, people began inventing new forms of technology that were simpler and easier to use.

Not only has technology evolved, but it has also transformed societies. By interviewing my grandfather, I learned that he is amazed that new generations would rather text than talk. Older generations have had to adapt from a world with little technology to a lot more, which confuses them. They believe that it is imminent for teens to constantly be checking their devices, which causes them to lose connection. Teenagers and millennials say that they use their devices to communicate with others and maintain relationships.

I want to explain some of the negative effects of the technology we use daily. Since there’s always a new device or new way to update our technology, we have become very addicted to these gadgets. I have observed that many adolescents are always on their phones; for this reason, they are losing connection with others, just like in this Google Image. These girls are at a fair together, but they are not spending time with each other while they’re all on their phones. Our obsession with the


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