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Positive Impacts of Communication Technology

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To examine the role of sis in responding to the unexpected man made crisis such as terrorist attacks accident s nuclear bological chemical ... usually localized to a single region.

Do you remember Chernobyl, the terror attack of eleventh September, the ERIKA catastrophe, the BP disaster, tubes attack in London, and recently in Japan the nuclear crises at Fukushima. These events has one common point, the Man has generated them. Indeed since the beginning the humanity progress and change, the Man invents new things every time, electricity, cars, technology and others. But these advances are made it to the detriment of the respect and the develop of the nature. Furthermore it is a paradox, because the SIS, which allows communicating quickly and from everywhere, are an ingenious invention and this advance could be an real important element during a crises. But this advance could be also a cause of the crises. Example during the eleventh September the information has been diffused quickly and everywhere thanks to SIS but in same time terrorists could use the SIS to organize attacks.

What is a Strategic information systems change the goals, business processes, products, services or environmental relationships of organizations to help them gain an edge over competitors." (Laudon & Laudon, 1998, p. 49) In order to be considered strategic, the information system must create a sustainable competitive advantage.

There are three ways in which information systems can create a sustainable competitive advantage. Only one need be present for the system to be considered strategic.

• Increase customer-switching costs. Provide customers with a system of value to them, but which would cost the customer considerably to switch to a competitor's system. This serves to lock-in current customers.

• Raise entry barriers to new entrants. Create an information system that is essential within the industry, but which has a high initial cost. The serves to discourage new competitors.

Change the basis of competition. Utilize IS to change the basis of competition from price to something else. Examples include, in-stock status, speed of order fulfillment, and added information with the product. This allows you to sell on a more profitable basis.

The problems are: what is different since SIS is coming? How are SIS using in the crisis? Which are stakes of SIS in the crises? What is the role of SIS during a crisis.

That is why, we are going to study different crisis case which the social information system have been used. In primary we have studied the power outage, then we have analyze the nuclear crises with Chernobyl disaster in 1986, and then we have seen the terrorist Attack with the eleventh September as case. Moreover we are going to propose several recommendations to use the social information system. To conclude we are going to answer of the main question.


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