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Impact of Technology on Education

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As everyone can see technology and education are mixing together, many steps have been taken to get all the useful technology in the right direction for the development of education. As long as the government focuses on educational policies, as it has been done still with perfection, the technology that is taking over our world will continue to aid today's students and the students of tomorrow to excel and assist our country and the world to reach the heights never seen by anyone before. With help from students' parents and hard work, teacher's willingness to teach, and technology's further advancements, education will become a friend of technology and will help creating opportunities for themselves and others to learn.

The main thing to understand about the revolutionary increase of technology in education is that it is not an event taking place but it is an ongoing evolution. Simultaneously with the rewards given to us there are some consequences to it also. As when the calculator became popular there were some concerns raised that children no longer need to study math. Many students were kicked out of schools for being caught with a calculator and using a calculator was considered cheating. The calculator has changed its status from being a crutch that does all our work, to a useful tool to increase our productivity. Another example of technological tool is computer which has the same kind of story as the calculator.

There was a discussion recently, on whether or not the students should neglect learning grammar and English skills because of the word processing functions for example spell and grammar checking will do it for them. The discussion on this issue makes us assuming that the students would be able to communicate without learning these skills, only using word processing software.

It is all too common for students to become proficient in graphics software like Photoshop and have no understanding of design. The mistaken assumption is that if a student can use the software, he or she is becomes a designer. The student basically is taking the course of least resistance – it is easier to learn software than design. It is also a case where, with no understanding of the software, there will be no projects at all to turn in. In contrast, a student with some measure of understanding of software but having no understanding of the design will still have a project to submit. A student with this case is usually shocked at the bad grades he gets on the project.

What are the positive and negative impacts of educational technology on students, faculty, and staff?

Four main applications that have introduced in educational technology are on-line classes, Internet, research, and presentations.

Many educational organizations provide online classes to students. Different online classes are also available for faculty. The favors done


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