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The Nature of the Situation Changes Drastically Because You Now Have Another Human Being That Thinks, Feels, and Shares Your Duties.

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Dustin Lewis

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The nature of the situation changes drastically because you now have another human being that thinks, feels, and shares your duties. You will constantly be in contact with this person and your morality will be tested. Morality changes as culture changes. For some cultures, it is morally acceptable to have more than one wife. Therefore, the situation could be a disaster. The addition of another person can have two effects; he/she could be you partner or just as easily your enemy. In order to survive, one may have to compete for food and necessities or join together and work as a team. A helping hand to gather resources and collaborate is ideal. The need to feel superior is something every human battles. When another person suddenly appears to coexist, the first person will be one laying down rules and making decisions. However, since the solitary individual is basically a recluse, the new individual may feel the need to be in charge. The best thing to do would be to focus on productivity. The solitary individual would eventually adapt and obtain his superior’s beliefs in order to coexist.
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Moral absolutism deals with fixed situations, circumstances and ideas while moral objectivism considers the probability and a variety of circumstances that might happen on a given situation. For me, moral objectivism is correct because situations in life are not fixed because we have the freedom to make our own choices. A moral objectivist thinks it’s morally okay to do something wrong for the greater good. For example, many Germans protected innocent Jews by lying to the Nazis on their whereabouts. Sure it is wrong to lie but in this particular situation it is morally justified. Abolitionists would consider this wrong in every way because a lie is simply a lie with no justification. These type of people do not recognize moral dilemmas. Moral objectivism should be followed by every human being. Morals are the only thing people truly have and they are what make us human.


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