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What Do You Think Are the Three Key Lessons That Granum Has Learned to Date About Human Resources Management in Russia?

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1. What do you think are the three key lessons that Granum has learned to date about human resources management in Russia?

Lesson #1: Payment systems in Russian and foreign companies are different and cheaper.

In comparison with Western companies, salary levels in Russia are 10 times lower than salaries in multinational companies. This statement should be approached carefully and avoid thinking that low salaries mean more employee recruitment, instead it should follow the principle of “fewer but better”, which allows to be more careful and demanding at the time of recruiting new employees, since getting skilled workers with fluent foreign language could be narrow in this country.

Another advantage of the payment system in Russia is that there are few companies offering Non-Salary benefits. It doesn’t mean that GTI should follow this approach as well, but instead take this gab as an advantage to foster loyalty among management personnel. Having extra benefits such as medical insurance, stock options, pension fund contribution, can give a competitive edge to GTI at the time to attract talent to its company.


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