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Describe and Discuss the Political, Social and Economic Ilong Term Impacts That Hosting the 2012 Olympic Gameswill Have on the City London in Relation to the Hospitality Industry

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the olympic games started in olympia, greece in 776bc, it was held in recognition of the olympian gods. the games started as a one day event, then went on to 3 days and then extended to 6 days and then 16 days. the olympic gamesa is dubbed as the greatest show on earth, which involves thousands os sports persons both men and women from all around the world competing to achieve one goal.

The political impact must include goverments, laws and regulations and opportunities for fast tracking projects

the social impact to include growth of visitors and education, improving outcomes and social re-engineering.

The economic effects

the budget for the 2012 games is 9.35 billion of which 6 billion is directly from the goverment. it is estimated that londongdp will increase by 5.9 billion between 2005. according to the government 30,000 new jobs will created in the uk as a result of hosting the games. there will also be a opportunity for volunteering which it is believe will help people get back into work.

past experiences show the olympics do not not necessarily have positive economic effects for the hosting countries, foe example the 1972 munich games made a loss of 178 million and the 1984 montreal games had a huge loss of 692 million

during the games, hotels, resturants, shops and public transport will all benefit as they will provide a service to tourist, it is expected there will be 350,000 foreign visitors each day in london for the games.

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