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Social Medias Impact on Todays Society

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Social Media's Impact on Todays Society

Within the last ten to fifteen years our society has made numerous technological advances to further advance mankind. Arguably the most impactful progress made in recent memory has been the introduction of social media and how it's brought both a positive and negative affect within our communities and populace. With the induction of Social Media into our society comes many broad interpretations of what it actually is and how we can define it, but essentially what social media comes down to is it being a series of web based communication tools that enable people to interact with each other by both sharing and consuming information across a variant of different platforms.

        Social Media's impact and influence on our modern society has had a polarizing effect across all aspects of our lives, it has been revolutionary in the way that we choose to communicate and socialize throughout the web. The main purpose of social media originally was for it to be a platform for individuals from all walks of life to be able to come together to share and explore similar likings and a practical access to communicate with family and friends. With most of these basic functions still being an integral part of social networking, social media has advanced to the point where its effect plays a part in everyday businesses and careers.

        Aside from the obvious social impacts that social media has introduced upon us, it’s played a large role in both businesses and politics. Politicians are using social media sites as an opportunity to spread their message and help build their campaigns while being able to reach more people simultaneously and more efficiently. It’s had political implications all over the world, even countries such as Egypt where there has been political unrest, there has been unified people to create mass uprisings and organize large political protests. Businesses are thriving and flourishing more than ever with the influence of social media. Companies are using social media feeds to help create and improve customer loyalty and retention, as well helping advertise their products. With this constant exposure and readily accessible information for clients it creates overall better exposure for companies. Social media is an inexpensive marketing tool for all companies both small business and large, only adding to the effectiveness of helping enhance company brands and popularity.

        Social media is also giving entrepreneurs the ability to expand their businesses, which in turn is allowing them to garner more popularity and recognition for their products. Specifically, more access is available to the consumer where they can view the product looking to be purchased and it creates an easier venue of accessibility for the clients, creating more revenue and generating more product interest. Social media is also opening doors and increasing the market size for those who are devoted to food or have any intentions of expanding their restaurants recognition. Social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and twitter allow for restaurant owners to create a personalize pages that are strictly for their business. Business owners are now provided with the necessary tools to provide their customers with exclusive comprehension of their menu, as well as their location and the ability to provide images of their dishes and the restaurant itself. Another industry that has been heavily impacted with the inclusion of social media in the business world would be those involved in the club and bar scene. Club owners now have the ability to curate an image of their clubs for their clientele before they even take a step in the door. Every form of social media is being utilized on a daily basis especially for club promoters, where they display they can display their club hour’s, location and specific dates for upcoming events and or performers who are attending their club. This allows for the audience to be up to date by following the page in which the promoters have created. More business is being brought in since the pages are viewed from all over the world so more people are able to become aware and follow the club.


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