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Research Proposal on Effect of Social Media

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Most of the businesses in the service industry are heavily reliant on the social media in order to cover and capture a greater audience with the consumer. It is therefore very paramount for most of them to realize that social media has become a driving force towards gaining exponential growth in the industry and thus, adapt to the various changes that are related to its use (Cox, Burgess, Sellitto, & Buultjens 2009).

By doing so, they will be able to successfully communicate with the customers as well as market their initiative to them. Being that there is a growing populace of the technologically literate, it is necessary to state that business that use this kind of platform in their communications' outreach are the ones that are going to be the most successful in the industry.

With global travelers getting increasingly literate about their choice of travel, these travelers are closely scrutinizing the image projected by the hospitality industry on social media. With the traditional marketing methods proving to be increasingly limited in outreach, social media plays an important role in the way the hospitality industry approaches the average consumer.

The study is limited in the sense that the evaluation will be made only through the perspective of the consumer and with the use of secondary data and limited primary data. Taking into consideration the fact that very little primary data was gathered or evaluated, the study may prove to be inefficient in presenting quantifiable benefits that may accrue to a business due to the fact that they implement this strategy over the traditional way of marketing (Kardes et al 2011, p 195).

In this research, the researcher will aim to establish the impact and effects of social media on the industry. Having an in-depth view of the hotel and hospitality industry will not only enable me to become an above par student, it will also help be contribute to the available resources on the industry and confirm or prove wrong any existing notions, opinions and standpoints of previous researchers. By conducting this research and comparing it to previous works of research that relate to this topic of specific parts of this research, the researcher will be in a better position to deliver an informed judgment on the topic at hand and verify its contribution or regression


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