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Social Media and Networking Proposal

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Social Media and Networking Proposal

Social Media and Networking Proposal


Looking at our sense of community on our campus we are seeing that the student body needs a tool or two to give them a sense of community. I will show you that Facebook and Twitter combined with the network technology the school has in existence, we can get the student body connected. We will look at the advantages and disadvantages of bot social media tools. I will also show you how we are going to roll it out the system development life cycle of this plan. Ultimately we will bring the student body together via both of these sites.

                                Social Media

Twitter will be the first social media site we will use to start getting the student body connected. Twitter will allow the students to micro-blog about all kinds of subjects. These subjects can be anything from “I need help preparing for an exam," to “where is the next study group," for any subject. It will also give them a chance too still be kids and micro blog the fact that they are having a bad day or how well their favorite sports team did.

Facebook provides a lot of different type of aspects for the students to use. They can post about anything on the school page from pictures at school sporting events to get together on campus. Facebook also has the function of scheduling events with details of the location and the topic of the event. The opportunity will be great for study groups, club organizations, fraternity and sorority events.


The network is a simple implementation that can be completed effectively and inexpensive to the school. Every building on campus has its own LAN system that connects to the Internet. We use the existing WiFi within these systems and install access points throughout the buildings. We then create more access points in courtyards around each building. In the dorm areas on campus, we extend the access points throughout each floor making sure we create enough to cover the majority of spots on campus for the students to be able to access the WiFi. Students will be able to connect to the Internet on campus and off campus will be able to utilize public WiFi to keep them connected. That is why using the popularity of Facebook and Twitter is great to keep our students connected.                


  • Internet based and can be accessed from anywhere
  • Twitter is great for microblogging
  • Facebook is great for more detailed events and social picture and posts
  • WiFi keeps the students connected
  • Large resources are not needed
  • Costs are limited because of existing systems


  • Both media pages will have to be monitored to keep the pages PG
  • Students using the pages to schedule inappropriate events
  • Students lacking social media devices will not be able to connect
  • Hacking is a possibility
  • The school absorbs the cost of implementing and maintaining

   System Development Life Cycle                                                                                

Planning and Creating

  1. Addition of access points around campus
  2. Use Graduate students an students in the Information Technology fields to build and monitor the pages
  3. Prepare to market to the students incoming and existing


  1. A month long test for both sites will be implemented using the same students building and monitoring.
  2. A survey will be done with the students at end of week three
  3. All improvements will be made week four.


  1. Links will be placed on the school website to both the Facebook page and the twitter site and how to follow.
  2. An email will be sent to all existing students announcing the new social media.



        Introducing our Facebook and Twitter pages to the students will not only bring our campus on board with technology but will also give our students a sense of community. Using the existing system within the school will allow us to implement this plan with minimal cost. Making it internet based helps control any future spending with easy access to the students. Overall this will create places that the students can express ideas, show their school spirit and create and set up events to improve their experience as a student.


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