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Integrated Marketing Communication

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When we discuss about the social responsibility and ethics in marketing ,the marketer needs to know about the concept of Social responsibility, its practical results in market and ethics the marketers face ,the concept of consumerism. The green marketing, Cause related marketing, social marketing.

Ethics are ones belief about what is right and wrong. And these beliefs varies from one person to another and from one company to another company. Ethics and business responsibility are the important parts to any company’s marketing department.

The goal of any marketing department:

  • To target an audience.
  • Appeal to that audience.
  • Get the audience to purchase that particular product or service.

In doing this the company must have to follow the rules and regulations also be sure that the works are honest and ethical. The moral support of an organisation is referred to as the downward pressure on the moral content of the organisation. And the moral content of an organisation is the degree in which they have to make our effort to fulfil its responsibilities with respect to its stakeholders.

When an organisation is socially responsible?

It is when the organisation is concerned about people, society and environment with whom and where it conducts business.

Socially Responsible marketing encourages a positive impact on all the company’s stakeholders, including employees, communities, consumers and shareholders. Consumers have to the rights and power to make a form succeed or fail. Markets have a major responsibility to ensure the practices that could be seen as Philanthropic not being Phony. Brandkarma is one of the best example in which the consumers makes the decisions.


Ethical marketing in general is the philosophy and their focal point is honesty, fairness and responsibility. Even though the subjective is wrong and right, a general guidelines has to be placed so as to ensure the company’s intent is broadcasted and achieved. Principles of this includes:

  • Quality of truth in marketing communications.
  • Difference between advertising and sensationalism.
  • Endorsements should be clear and unambiguous.
  • Consumers’ privacy should be maintained at all times.
  • Marketers should follow and practice the Government standards and regulations.


Corporate Social Responsibility is a broad set of approach, practices and programs that are gathered into operations, supply chain and decision making process throughout the company –and also includes the authority for current and past activities as well as future impacts.Any issues represents a company CSR and then focus may vary by size,by business,by sector and even by geographic region.CSR issues basically related to :

  • Business ethics
  • Communicaton investment
  • Environment
  • Government
  • Human Rights
  • Market place and Workplace.

Beyond charity, Corporate Social Responsibility takes responsibility of all stakeholders and on the environment when making decisions.


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