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Mktg 324: Integrated Marketing Communication

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Ateneo de Davao University

School of Business and Governance

Marketing Department

E. Jacinto Street, Davao City

Assignment #1 – chapter 1 & 2 discussion question

MKTG 324: Integrated marketing communication

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November 22, 2016

Chapter 1 – Discussion questions

  1. One key characteristics of IMC, as discussed in this chapter is the belief that marketing communication requires building a relationship between the brand and the customer. Re-read the IMC in action feature and compete the following.
  1. Identity the characteristics of the consumers that you think the brand is targeting?

I think the brand is targeting new consumers in the Australian market. They are trying to discover new consumers. They also launched a new range of potato chips in the US market which was their main target market and possibly the loyal consumers.

  1. Provide specific examples of attempts by the manufacturer to build enduring links to these consumers?

An example would be the launching of new potato chips in the market and the reintroduction of their crinkle cut range.

  1. Describe the branding strategy taken by the manufacturer and explain how this strategy can build a brand relationship with the target consumers.

The branding strategy taken by the manufacturer was the innovation of their products. They used this method to address the ever changing taste preferences of the market. This strategy can build a brand relationship with the target consumers by making them feel that the manufacturer is catering to their wants and tastes and that they become aware that the manufacturer is paying close attention to them.

  1. One key feature of IMC is the emphasis on affecting consumer’s behavior and not simply its antecedents (such as increasing brand awareness or developing favorable attitudes) for each of the following cases, indicating the specific consumer behavior that marketing communication might attempt to affect.

Marketing communications must do more than just create brand awareness or enhance consumer attitudes towards the brand. Marketing communications directed at accomplishing these intermediate, or pre-behavioral, goals are necessary but a successful marketing communications program must accomplish more than encouraging consumers to like the brand.

  1. Your university ‘s advertising efforts

In this kind of situation, advertising some important reminders might greatly affect the students. Like you advertise about tips on how to prevent dengue fever, the effect is that they might clean those areas that are prone of mosquitos, warnings for student during earthquakes might be a tool to survive in a disaster. The effect would be during the disaster, students already have the knowledge on what to do in terms of these calamities. Marketing communication is explained by letting people be aware. It is not usually only for the product but it can also be applied in a real life situation.


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