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Consider the Current Discord Among European Union Members. Why Is It So Important for the Countries to Maintain Harmony? How Does the Level of Economic Integration Achieved by These Nations Influence This Situation?

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Week 3 & 4 Assignment

QUESTION 2: Consider the current discord among European Union members. Why is it so important for the countries to maintain harmony? How does the level of economic integration achieved by these nations influence this situation?

The European Union is developed from the European community, and it is a regional integration organization of political entity and economic entity. To establish a friendly relationship between member states is the aim of the European Union. The birth of the European Union provides a greater consumption and investment market for member countries, which play an important role in promoting the sharing of resources and complementary industries. In terms of economy, the EU has been working to eliminate trade barriers between member states, the development of economic integration, making the EU to become one of the world's most affluent areas. The EU billions of dollars each year to ensure the balanced development of the region, to set an example for other regional economic integration organizations. Similarly, the member states can also obtain important political interests. In addition, the national defense forces and strategic integration, will provide greater security for the member states to ensure regional stability and peace (Scutaru 2015). However, there is a saying that the diplomacy between the countries is based on the common interests. Although member countries try to maintain harmony among themselves, due to the various level of social and economic growth as well as the change in values, conflicts are easy to produce between members.

In the current contradictions within the EU, the European debt crisis is one of the conflicts. After the European debt crisis, member states quarrel with each other endlessly. In front of the crisis, the member states have put their money bag tightly, reluctant to help the countries that run into the debt crisis. Therefore, the ability of the European Union to prevent and resolve the crisis has been questioned, as well as the unity and harmonious spirit is constantly weakening (Iskenderov 2013). Second, after the UK quit the European union, other parts of the EU members have also want to follow the UK, making the negative effects continue to spread (Wang 2016). Third, the refugee problem is another contradiction within the EU. While the EU has developed a series of response to the influx of refugees, including the allocation of the member countries of the refugee quota, the addition of refugee resettlement center, but the implementation of the measures is not optimistic. For it is related to the interests of the state, the EU states are faced with the dilemma, in the allocation of the number of refugees, the EU states shirked mutually and taken negative refugee policy.


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