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Environmental Crisis in European Union and Its Political Significance

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Virtually everyone recognizes the existence of an environmental crisis in the world today, but there are some uncertainties concerning the precise nature of this crisis and its internal and international implications. It is all clear that the world's population is continuing to grow at an alarming pace, finite resources are being utilized at exponential rates, and technological advances are contributing to negative ecological outcomes. These trends have been documented extensively. Their political significance, however, has received little attention if only because the visibility of the problem is such a recent phenomenon.

Environmental crisis is the most disastrous of the modern world and in my point of view it is merely human irresponsibility which underestimates it, thinking that environmental problems are the business of others.

One of the most important and actual problems of the European Union are the problems of environmental protection and ecological security of the continent, so the trends taking place in the European development, forced to think about such complex theoretical issues as the quality of Europeans' life.

The rapid development of the industrial model has led to unprecedented degradation of the environment in all European countries for about few decades in the middle of the twentieth century. At the same time, European countries were among the first have noted that the favorable conditions for human habitat is a component of the high-quality life.

Requirements relating to the environment have become a necessary component of the European Union. Although the policy environmental policy is a distinct and important activity of the European Union, and it is dedicated to a separate branch of law, nevertheless all aspects related to quality of life and professional activity of citizens, housing policy, recreation workers, health, hygiene and safety in the workplace are exuded more clearly. Community institutions are very active when it comes to the social aspects of water resources, soil, air, flora and fauna. Moreover, the problem of unemployment is also closely associated with the policy in the field of ecology.

However in spite of such a large number of problems caused by the environmental crisis, it would have been even greater if all possible measures to solve these problems had not been taken.

The construction and operation of large-scale infrastructure, training staff creates the possibility of new jobs, and engage people in the training system. Broad prospects open programs related to transportation and energy, fuel systems. Their implementation is developing very successfully. In these directions significant investments are made.

Solving problems concerning environment provides human resources to develop and operate in conditions that stimulate their production activity. Although sometimes logically justified


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