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Marketing Plan Company

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Mission Statement 

Victory Boats’ mission is to be the best seller and provider of boats to customers at reasonable and competitive prices and high quality, with fast and truly guaranteed services.

Victory Boats’ goal is to be the most successful seller inside the market, delivering the best products, services and customer experience. 

Victory Boats’ vision is to build the company’s image as a reliable supplier who the customers can trust and with whom they can build a long-term partnership in order to have stable customers and attract more potential customers. When people think about buying boats, they will directly be reminded of Victory Boats. Considering the products, there is no doubt that we have strict control of quality. As for the services, we have complete and excellent services from pre-sale consulting to after-sales tracing services. For the customers, the buying experience will be extremely pleasant with us as well thanks to our highly competent and courteous sales force.   

We are committed to keeping our promises.

The key to our success has been consistent delivery of our commitment.

Forecasting Sales Volumes and Market Share

Forecasting sales volumes and market share for Victory Boats mostly depends on the “potential market“ study. Our market share for last year was about 33%. But from our study, we learned that we still have a big potential market. The actual annual maximum potential market in number of boats is: Boat A - 9126, Boat B - 19656, and Boat C - 5148. We also have the number of differentiation from January to December. It is easy to see that the best months to sell boats are May, June and July. Thus, we decided to put more resources toward these three months. However, since


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