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Hydrate Company Marketing Plan

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary        

Abbreviated Situational Analysis        

Industry and Product Category        

Size of the Industry        

Competitive Analysis        

Primary Competitors        

Market and Segment Analysis        

Targeted Market        

Target Market Overview and Positioning        

Marketing Mix        





Supporting Exhibits        

Retail Pricing Rationale        

Distribution Strategy        

Budget Expense Report        

Works Cited        

Executive Summary

Hydrate is a small privately owned company in its first year of operation.  Hydrate has designed and sells the latest and most innovative new sports drink on the market.  Made of natural ingredients, Hydrate restores energy by healthy means, without large amounts of sugars that are linked to obesity and other health risks.  An evaluation of the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats serve as the foundation for Hydrate’s strategic analysis and marketing plan.  The marketing plan focuses on growth strategy and suggests ways to build customer relationships with the introduction of a healthy alternative to the traditional sports drink.  Since Hydrate markets a product that is primarily by individuals who are devoted to fitness and a healthy lifestyle, it is currently a business to consumer marketer.

This marketing plan will contain analysis of Hydrates’ competitors.

Abbreviated Situational Analysis

Industry and Product Category

According to the North American Industry Classification System (NACIS), the code that corresponds to Hydrate is code 31211, soft drink manufacturing.  The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code that correlates our product is 2086, bottled and canned soft drinks.  Energy drinks have a large share of the market that target and service product categories that are the same as Hydrates.  . The following NAICS codes are related to a leader in the energy drinks market, Red Bull.  These codes are 71211, 711211, and 711219.  These three codes represent spectator sports, sports teams and clubs, and other spectator sports.  These are industries that our product will be targeting. The SIC code that relates to an additional target market of Hydrate id code 7941 that decodes as “sports clubs, managers, and promoters”.  The codes that have been presented from both the NACIS and SIC serve as our basis for the target market and the product category.


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