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Company Marketing Plan

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Company Name

Marketing Plan



Presented by:

Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

Executive summary goes here on its own page.

**The executive summary must contain a short version of the recommendations. This area is a SHORT summary – its purpose is to entice the reader to open the case and read it.

This is the LAST section that you should complete after you’ve reached a decision(s).

It also should be on its own page as well, and it should “fill” the page.

It’s a good idea to list (in point form – usually numbered) the alternatives that you have decided to investigate. Follow that by what you’ve recommended.

Here’s an example for you:

[pic 1]


Problem Statements

  • Second year’s financial statement results are disappointing, even though dedicated and committed time was given to the business.
  • Proposal of expanding marketing strategy.

Company Objectives

  • Proposal of expanding marketing strategy to improve performance.
  • Company objectives are to improve performance and financial results.
  • To ensure owner’s remuneration upto $1400 per month in summer

Company Background

  • -BTC Company started its operations in May 2003, by Carlie Melcher, graduated in three years business administration and marketing program. Melcher with one year experience of working in marketing firm and training at WIL Employment Connections Entrepreneur Program for women was also awarded the “Best Developed Business Plan Concept” at Small Business Self-Employment Benefit Program (SEB).
  • BTC is operating at  Sauble beach awarded as Best Beach in Ontario in 2003
  • Business category: seasonal; female clothing mainly

Situation Analysis


  • Melcher’s formal education; three years business administration and marketing
  • Her work experience in small marketing firm.
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Mom and her operates; no labour cost
  • Once customer is entered the store;its attracted to the products
  • These points must be about the company – things that they have control over


  • Store location is off the “main strip” Competitors are at main strip
  • Unable to compete the price levels of indirect competitor for eg Winners who is a world leader of off-price retail industry


  • Stocking through purchases from big indirect competitors
  • These are opportunities that may exist that the company does not have control over – for example, if gas is going up and the company is a car manufacturer, then the opportunity may be for the potential of larger sales of cars with good gas mileage. Also, think about what public perception is, government control, etc.
  • Also, list other points that the company can use to expand their opportunities (example – give training to sales reps in order to increase their market share)


  • Point form
  • Again, these are things that the company does not have control over (market declining, economic status, etc)

Market Analysis

How big is the market? What is the value of this market ($$)? Is it in a decline or upswing? How many people does this represent? What is the company’s share of the market, etc.  (PARAGRAPHS)

Remember – this section is worth 8 marks – you will probably have to do some internet research.


**Use a table format

Segment #








Local population

Qualifying dimensions


All ages and gender

Late teens and early 20’s

Other ages female


Other than summer tourist




Year round

October and/or January


At Sauble Beach

At Sauble Beach

At Sauble Beach


Summer tourist

Local residents

Octoberfest and/or Winterfest


Spend for leisure and/or convenience

Spend between $1800 to $2500 per 3.4 people per family per week on accommodation, entertainment, food and shopping

Spend for leisure and/or convenience

Segment size

60,000 per week in summer



Brand/price conscious

Brand conscious

Brand conscious


Brand/price conscious

Determining dimensions

Benefits sought

Usage rate

What is the targeted market?

What is their current market?

What is their potential market?


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