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Company G 3-Year Marketing Plan

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Company G

3-Year Marketing Plan

Assessment Code: MKT 1

Student Name: Jeremiah Johnson                

Student ID: 000236573

Date: 7/19/2013

Mentor Name: Deborah Long

Table of Contents


Mission Statement        

The Product        

Consumer Product Classification        

Target Market        

Competitive Situation Analysis        

Analysis of Competition using Porter’s 5 Forces Model        

SWOT Analysis        





Market Objectives        

Product Objective        

Price Objective        

Place Objective        

Promotion Objective        

Marketing Strategies        

Product Strategies        

Price Strategies        

Place Strategies        

Promotion Strategies        

Tactics and Action Plan        

Product Action Plan        

Price Action Plan        

Place Action Plan        

Promotion Action Plan        

Monitoring Procedures        


        Company G was founded on the principle of creating low-cost quality products aimed at improving the lives of its consumers and making everyday processes and habits a little bit easier. They focus mainly on creating electronic devices and appliances using cutting-edge technology designed to work more effectively than their competitors products, and are also the most energy-efficient and cost-competitive as well.


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