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Mkt 3017 - Marketing Plan for the Next Year for Atlantic Quench

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Marketing plan for the next year for Atlantic Quench


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Tutor Name: Sarah Kennell


Atlantic Quench Cranberries Inc. (AQC,2014) is a pioneering company in North America for producing and distributing of canned and bottled juices and juice drinks. Though the company is operating successfully in the UK and US market since 1974, in recent times Atlantic Quench is experiencing difficulties due to emergence of a large number of global players, increasing competition in the market segment as well as continuous changes in the consumer specifications.  Therefore, it has been necessitated for the company to review its current market plan and come up with a new marketing plan and strategies by the next year to regain its recently questioned market position. The planning will start by evaluating the current industry situation, condition of the external environment in which the company is operating as well as the overall performance of the company in the recent market scenario. Based on the outcome of the analysis, SMART objectives will be drawn for the company and according to the objectives; the marketing mix strategies will be redesigned. In this way, the holistic marketing plan for Atlantic Quench Cranberries Inc. (AQC) will be structured.


Chapter 1 Introduction        

Chapter 2 Current Market Situation        

2.1. Marco Environmental Analysis        

2.1.1. Political Factors        

2.1.2. Economic Factors        

2.1.3. Social Factors        

2.1.4. Technological Factors        

2.2 Market analysis (Market size, growth, forecast)        

2.3. Competitors Analysis        

2.4. Customer Analysis        

Chapter 3 Internal Analysis        

3.1. Overall Performance of Atlantic Quench Cranberries Inc.        

3.2. Marketing Mix of Atlantic Quench Cranberries Inc.        

3.2.1. Product        

3.2.2. Price        

3.2.3. Place        

3.2.4. Promotion        

Chapter 4 SWOT Analysis        

4.1. Strength        

4.2. Weakness        

4.3. Opportunity        

4.4. Threats        

Chapter 5 Objectives        

5.1 Mission statement        

5.2 SMART Objectives        

Chapter 6 Marketing strategy        

6.1 Strategic Theories        

6.2 Core Target Segments        

6.3 Positioning        

Chapter 7 Marketing Programs        

7.1. Product Strategy        

7.2. Pricing Strategy        


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