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Marketing Mix - G20 Company - Nutritional Enhancement Product

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Company Description:

The name of our company is G20 and we are introducing a brand new weight training and nutritional enhancement product called the ‘Bfit'. Our headquarters are located in Oshawa, Ontario Canada and we are determined to become a market leader in the personal fitness and nutrition business sector. This is our companies first year of operations and currently have no sales data or figures regarding our products and services. We anticipate a great year ahead with the introduction of our revolutionary new product; however, we are still prepared for many obstacles and challenges when entering a new market. We are confident we can offer solid products combined with great customer service in order to become a profitable and successful business. Our product is a new hand held electronic fitness device that includes anything and everything a user would want when looking for a workout aid, motivator, instructor, health schedule/meal plan, and exercise routine. It is compatible with many other electronic devices such as computers and can go anywhere with the user. G20's core competency is being an innovation leader offering new, up to date, and functional programs and tools to help any individual lose weight and generally become healthier. We will be differentiating ourselves from the competition by presenting customers with all aspects of the exercising, wellness, and healthy living experience where our competitors fail to meet demand.


G20 is focused on bringing motivation, techniques and convenience to all individuals across the globe in search of a healthier lifestyle. We are committed to providing the most effective and easiest way for our customers to lose weight and live healthier, while at the same time being cost effective and affordable for all demographics.


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