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Multi-National Companies Research Paper

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BM025-3-3-INHRM ​Individual assignment​UC3F1404IBM


1.0 Background​3

2.0 The candidates’ background profile consideration​4

2.1 First Candidate​4

2.2 Second Candidate​5

2.3 Third Candidate​6

3.0 Leading to recommendation​7

3.1 First candidate:​7

3.2 Second candidate:​8

3.3 Third candidate:​8

3.4 Final decision:​9

4.0 Conclusion​10

5.0 Reference​11

1.0 Background

More leading to globalization is more increasing number of economic organizations to engage in production activities between countries. Because, most of the time this engaging of economic organizations gives positive strategic production process, which creates Multi-National Companies (MNCs). However, controlling new subsidiaries or affiliates may bring some difficulties for MNCs, such as controlling, transferring the parent company culture or operation system which requires having expatriates to do so (Dowling et al., 1994).

However, MNCs struggle to improve their capability to manage the expatriates before, during and after international assignments in order to increase expatriate awareness on the host country culture too (Forster, 2000). But, because of “cultural distance” between the host county and the expatriates’ country of origin, there is high rate of expatriate failure. So, as expatriate failure effects to control and success on subsidiaries or affiliates, also finding and selecting flexible expatriate for overseas assignments is complicated and risky (Forster, 2000).

Therefore, individual’s technical and managerial competence, and especially interpersonal characteristics such as “personality” (Caligiuri, 2000), “learning orientation” (Newman, 2000), an “ability and willingness to learn” (Spreitzer et al., 1997), “gender differences” (Guthrie et al., 2003) and “attachment style” have become basic consideration components of suitable expatriate selection process (Mendenhall, Dunbar & Oddou, 1987).


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