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Marketing Strategy of Lenovo Mobiles in China

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 Marketing strategy of Lenovo Mobiles in China  

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Planning part

Section 1 The brief

1.0 Title of the project

My investigation is about “Marketing strategy of Lenovo mobiles in China”. It is international acknowledged that Lenovo Group Limited is one of the most successful computer hardware and electronics companies nowadays. In spite of its leadership in computer fields, Lenovo Mobile phone has only been developed rapidly in recent years. With the high sales number of about 9 million smart phones worldwide, Lenovo took the 5th position of global smart phone manufacturer in 2013. This result is closely related to its strategy, marketing and managing. Therefore, Lenovo’s development in mobile phone market is worthy to be investigated.

2.0 Objectives of the projects         

I am preparing to investigate and analyze the development of Lenovo in mobile phone market. There are three main objectives, first, the reasons of Lenovo entering China mobile phone market. The sub- objectives includes its history and internal and external factors that affect Lenovo’s development in mobile phone market. Second,  the marketing strategy of Lenovo Mobiles, moreover, its sub-objectives includes marketing mix, marketing segmentation and marketing communication. Third, the current situation of Lenovo mobile, and its sub-objectives which contains the existing problem and challenges about Lenovo mobile.

3.0 Statement of issues to be investigated

There are some issues which can benefit me to achieve the objectives mentioned above that I must investigate after having cleared my objectives of this investigation. First of all, the background of Lenovo which includes its history, operating status, and marketing strategy is vital. In this section, I will focus on Lenovo and mobile phone market. Moreover, the external environment of Lenovo which includes economic environment, policy, social, technology and competitors are key factors when the enterprise develops in mobile phone market. Next comes to the internal factors of Lenovo enter the mobile phone market, I will pay attention to find out the financial statement includes profit and loss account, balance sheet of the recent fiscal year to analyze the operating situation. In addition, the information of Lenovo’s special talent scheme in mobile phone segment is needed. Last, I will also investigate the sales and customer satisfaction of Lenovo’s mobile in China market to summarize the existing problem about Lenovo mobile phone.

4.0 Reasons and relations of the issues to the topic

The information that I will collect and the issues I will investigate has close relationship with the topic. The background information of Lenovo is of great importance, especially its operating status and marketing strategy. Moreover, the marketing information plays a key role in the enterprises activities. Typically, it is obvious that data can be more objective and immediately shows the operating situation which can help us deduce whether the company is making profits or loss. Therefore, the analysis about financial statements of Lenovo MIDH (Mobile Internet Digital Home ) would be beneficial. In addition, the external environment has more complicated impacts on a company’s business. Elements like policy, economic environment, customer and competitors can easily affect the operations and strategies of Lenovo. Talented people play a crucial role in Lenovo’s historical development, and investigation of Lenovo’s talent scheme can obviously confirm it. Last, I believe the research of the sales and customer satisfaction of Lenovo’s mobile phone in Changsha market will help me to find out the problems that Lenovo are facing. Moreover, it helps us to have more ideas about the market prospect.


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