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Marketing Strategy of Britannia Soft Drinks Ltd.

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Marketing Strategy of Britannia Soft Drinks Ltd. (Britvic) - December 13th, 2010


Private Company

Founded: Mid-1800s as British Vitamin Products Company

Sales: £600 million ($1.1 billion) (2004)

NAIC: 312111 Soft Drink Manufacturing

Company Perspectives:

Our vision is to be the UK's leading soft drinks company.

Key Dates:

1938: British Vitamin Product Company (Britvic), originally founded in the mid-19th century to produce soft drinks, develops a method for bottling fruit juices without preservatives; production is suspended at the outbreak of World War II.

1945: Britvic begins construction on a new processing and bottling facility, then the largest in the world.

1949: The Britvic fruit juice brand is relaunched.

1954: Vine Products, maker of Babycham, among other beverages, acquires Britvic; the company later becomes part of the Allied Breweries group in the late 1960s.

1971: The company changes its name to Britvic Limited.

1972: The company launches mixer soft drinks.

1973: A draught version of the company's soft drinks is launched.

1977: Britvic 55, a pub-only adult soft drink, is launched.

1982: The company acquires the U.K. license for the Dr. Pepper brand.

1985: Castlemaine Tooheys acquires 50 percent of Britvic.

1986: Castlemaine Tooheys sells its stake in Britvic to Bass, which merges Britvic with its other soft drink holdings, including Britannia Soft Drinks and Canada Dry Rawlings, as Britvic Soft Drinks Limited; Britvic acquires the Tango soft drink brand.

1987: Britvic acquires the U.K. license for Pepsi and 7Up.

1994: Britvic acquires the U.K. license for Liptonice.

1995: Britvic acquires Robinsons, maker of the Barley Water soft drink.

2000: Britvic acquires Orchid Soft Drinks, maker of adult drinks Amé, Aqua Libra, and Purdey's.

2002: Britvic acquires the Red Devil energy drink.

2004: Britvic announces its plan to list on the London Stock Exchange in 2005.

2005: Britvic announces its decision to suspend the public offering.

Company History:



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